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JVC Adixxion User Manual

This is JVC Adixxion User Manual. The Model number is JVC Adixxion GC- XA1BE Camera. We have included this convenient Getting Started to help with the basic operations. For more details on the different functions and operations, please refer to the User Guide.Keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. JVC Adixxion GC- XA1BE Camera reserves the right to update or modify information contained in this manual. Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly, and retain it for future reference.Read this before using the camera.

JVC Adixxion User Manual

For JVC Adixxion GC- XA1BE Camera




Tour of Your Camera


Accessories part


  1. Remove any dirt or moisture before attaching accessories.

Attaching goggle mount


  1. Lift the tabs on the rubber side and insert the belt.
  2. Secure with four screws.

Replacing exible mount

Turn the knob in the direction indicated. (Remove the mount when it is completely loose.)

Removing lens cover


Press in on the protrusions to remove the lens cover from the camera.


Getting Started

Load the battery

  • Slide the latch and open the cover.
  • Insert the  battery according to the correct polarity marks (+ or -).

Charge the Li-ion battery

  • A blinking light will indicate active charging.
  • In adapter charging mode, the full charging time for a depleted battery is about 5 hours and the light will turn off automatically after the charging is completed.
  • In PC USB charging mode, a longer charging time is required.

Insert the memory card

  • Slide the latch and open the cover.
  • Insert the SD card (Optional) into the slot until it locks properly.
  • To remove the SD card, press inward to release it and gently pull it out.


Record & Play


WiFi to PC

WiVideo is the software to connect the camera with PC.

  1. PC: Install WiVideo 6 Use camera to install [WiVideo] on PC by plugging USB cable. If there is no Auto-Installation,

  2. PC: Unplug the USB cable

  3. Camera: Enable WiFi to PC

    Press [MENU] Button 8 Select [ WiFi  ], then press [SET] Button  to enter its menu.
    Select [ WiFi to PC ] to turn on Wi-Fi. The camera screen will show the Wi-Fi ID and Password.
    (The default password is 0000. Wi-Fi ID and password can be edited on WiVideo via USB connection.)
  4. PC: Connect to Camera
    Click [Detect Wi-Fi Camera] to search camera.
    Enter the Wi-Fi ID and Password shown on camera to the WiVideo window.