JVC GC Digital Camera User Manual

JVC GC Digital Camera User Manual For JVC GC PX100 EU Digital Camera User Manual

JVC GC PX100 EU Digital Camera







If you’re driven to perform, you need a camcorder that can keep pace. Shoot at the speed you need, from high-speed 500fps to time-lapse recording, and count on advanced imaging technologies to put pro-type pristine images in your grasp.

Progressive Full HD 1920x1080/50p Image with 36Mbps Processing

Procision GC-PX100 records video at Full HD 1920x1080, but that’s just part of the story. Progressive video means that each individual frame is a complete,high-resolution picture unlike interlace. And to ensure maximum quality down to each pixel, Procision uses extremely fast 36Mbps image processing for precise image capture based on larger amounts of visual information. The result is sharply reproduced images at any speed, unlike what you’d expect from a conventional handheld camcorder. What’s more, you can even take 2.1M still images while recording video.


Multi Codec Ready with AVCHD, MPEG-4 and MOV Support
Procision GC-PX100 allows you to record in AVCHD 2.0-compliant video, as well as MPEG-4 and .MOV formats, including iFrame compatible 720p. This selection virtually assures compatibility with your preferred codec, in a variety of usage and workflow scenarios. Although not very prevalent, JVC provides .MOV format recording for highest quality in certain post-production usages as its audio is recorded in non-compressed Linear PCM.

1/2.3" 12.8M Back-Illuminated CMOS Sensor
Procision GC-PX100 uses a 1/2.3" 12.8 Megapixel Back-illuminated CMOS sensor— a type of CMOS that effectively avoids the loss of incoming light because its circuitry is moved to a layer behind the photo diodes. This increased visualinformation is captured by 12.8M-pixels to provide a high-quality, high-resolutionpicture filled with presence and detail, making it an ideal image source for a varietyof applications.

10x Optical Zoom with Optical
Image Stabiliser

Zoom in for close-ups with full optical quality maintained. Get tight shots without any sacrifice in Full HD resolution. And in instances where extra zoom power is needed, Procision GC-PX100 can magnify up to 19x at 720p resolution using Dynamic Zoom technology. And to avoid a jittery picture even when your hand isn’t absolutely steady, Procision GC-PX100 offers Optical Image Stabiliser (O.I.S.) tomprovide effective results over the entire zoom range.


Bright and Fast F1.2 GT Lens for Super LoLux Performance

The “eye” of the Procision GC-PX100 is an extremely bright F1.2 lens featuring high quality GT optics developed for maximum affinity with the CMOS image sensor. The ample aperture takes in plenty of light to maintain a bright image even when shooting in indoor situations where ambient lighting is not ideal.

12M High Quality Stills
Procision GC-PX100 is not a video-only camera, as it enables you to also record still images with up to 12M-pixel resolution in Ultra Resolution mode. You can travel lighter than carrying separate video and still cameras, and since you’re not operating two cameras independently you’re less likely to miss a shot.